Gain a deeper practice
Each time you practice, your muscles, joints and ligaments will already be nice and warm when you enter the studio, so you will likely find you’re more flexible and can go deeper into the postures during the summer. Take advantage of the summer months to increase your joint flexibility, core strength and spinal mobility and make gains in your practice.

You’ll encourage good habits and consistency
Hot Yoga encourages you to stay well hydrated and to replenish your electrolytes regularly. This can be a great benefit during the hot summer months.

You’ll be in better shape for summer recreation
By adjusting to the heat in the yoga room, you’ll be in top-notch shape for any summer sports or outdoors activities you like to do. If you make time for your yoga practice, you may notice that you don’t mind the heat and have more endurance when you’re running, biking, pushing the stroller, hiking, or playing other sports outdoors.

You’ll energize your body and mind
Yoga helps energize our bodies and our minds and provides us with so many health benefits. Committing to a strong summer practice will keep you from that sluggish summer feeling and give you quality time spent focused on your Self.
You’ll surprise yourselfYoga is NEVER a bad idea... have you noticed?

You’ll spend more time with your #yogafam
Yoga friends are the best. Being around strong, driven, motivated individuals increases the vibration of the entire community to which they belong. Keeping good company is good for the soul, inspire each other.

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This summer, save your cash for the vacation while you keep your yoga practice strong.

You’ll better acclimate to the heat outside
Practicing Hot Yoga during the summer months can help acclimate you to the season’s heat and humidity. Your body cools itself more efficiently and effectively through sweat. When you leave the yoga room, the outside air feels cooler than inside! Count on it!

You’ll take advantage of your summer schedule
If you work in a profession where your summer schedule is lighter or more flexible, take advantage of the fact that you have some extra time to spend on yourself and your health.

Stay fit and keep up!
You’ll look great and feel more comfortable and confident all summer long!

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