Curious about the heat?

Our studio supports hotter, medium & low heat classes. If you do choose to try the heated classes, and we hope that you will, our intention regarding the use of far infra red panels is to have you experience the beneficial properties of heat, comfortably & for health.  For most people, apprehensions melt away - pun intended - and the heat becomes a favored element of the practice, all year round. Our room conditions are specialized and we take great care to ensure that the room is controlled and that you feel supported. You may have had an unfavorable experience in the past in our, or another hot room? Come and try us as we have grown. And we continue to do so!

The Air

Our pristine yoga room has  fresh air and constant ventilation for your comfort & health. You will learn to breathe deeply and to infuse your body with fresh oxygen.

The Room

Our yoga room has a hypoallergenic Tarkett Fiber Floor which is certified asthma and allergy friendly. The room has 12 feet high ceilings - come tall, come all!