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November Karma

SD63 STAFF- You're invited!

Write from Within: a Yin Yoga and Journaling Practice

Writing is one way of releasing emotion that we hold in our bodies and is a great companion practice to Yin Yoga.
Yin Yoga is slow paced style where the postures are held for longer periods of time to create a moderate stress on the connective tissues of the body with the aim to improve circulation, joint health and flexibility.

This slow approach is inherently meditative and encourages quiet self reflection, self compassion and relaxation. With Yin Yoga we lay the foundation of openness in our bodies to let held emotions arise and then we journal with writing prompts. These prompts are designed to guide and support, allow for connection, reflection and sharing of writing, if desired.

In this workshop there is an opportunity to share what you have written so we open the session with a brainstorm around what the participants feel we all have to be aware of in order to create a safe space. In doing so, we co-create a supportive, non judgmental environment that fosters vulnerability, courage, deep listening and, ultimately, community as we take turns reading and listening without offering feedback beyond eye contact and a hand on the heart if you are moved by what you hear.

This session is suitable for all as no experience with yoga or writing is necessary. Please bring a willingness to participate, your favourite pen, a journal, and a water bottle. Please dress in layers for your comfort as this session is held at regular room temperature.

Saturday November 16
1PM to 4PM
Investment $40+TAX


Please join Amy and Tara for an immersive journey of Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

We will clarify and set intentions for the year ahead as we are bathed in the harmonious vibrations of Crystal Singing Bowls and the sweet aromatherapy of nature.

You will leave this class ready to greet the new year restored and rebalanced.

Date: December 29
@ 6:30PM to 8:30PM

Investment: $28+TAX