Types of Classes

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Modo Inspired

Modo Inspired + Yin

A series of yoga postures designed for practice in a heated room. Based on therapeutic concepts of yoga, the Moksha sequence offers variations for almost every posture, and students are encouraged to choose the option that feels right for them. The focus of this class is structural alignment, stability, breath awareness, and fun! Suitable for all levels.

Modo 2.0

This powerful practice dives deep into the Modo sequence and beyond, offering intermediate posture variations, more breathwork, meditation, and an extended savasana.
Everyone is welcome, though new students are encouraged to feel comfortable with the standard Modo Inspired series before trying 2.0.


For those who welcome something a little different every class. Always all levels accessible, challenging and fun. Each teacher crafts a sequence that is sure to keep you moving through a comprehensive range of motion. Classes can vary in length (60 or 75 min) and may have music or not

Slow Flow

Similar to progressive flow practiced with ambient heat only. For some folks practicing in a cooler room sharpens the focus on linking breath with movement to generate internal heat.

Fresh Brew

Saturday mornings, so great to start the day with a little pick me up! This 60 minute class will include music to help you get your groove on as you rock out an energizing hatha or stimulating flow class, guaranteed to set you up nicely for the rest of the days activities.


This class is not included with your membership or class pass. Don't let that stop you form coming! This is an effort to support some of our local charities in Sidney. 
Suggested donation is $5 per class and the collected funds will be forwarded to a local charity. chosen for that month. 

This class starts with the strengthening and breath awareness of a Moksha Yoga class and ends with the calm relaxation of a Yin class.
A warm up and a cool down all in one!
Suitable for all levels.


Long, deep stretches focusing on connective tissue.
Reduced heat.
Suitable for all levels.

Modo Flow Inspired

In this class we place emphasis on the relationship between breath and movement. This class is always moving and is set at a quicker pace than a Moksha class. It is great for upper body
strengthening and improving cardiovascular health. Beginners are encouraged to feel comfortable with the standard Moksha series before attending this class.

Power Hour

Power Hour is a flow class that will target all areas of the body. It will encourage you to push your edges, develop strong foundations and work towards peak poses. All levels welcome, many stages of poses will be offered, however come prepared to work hard, breathe deep and have a power hour of fun! 

Flow + Yin

This class starts with the movement and energy of your favourite Flow class and finishes with the longer holds and deeper stretches of your favourite Yin class. It’s the best of both worlds!