It is with a full and heavy heart I announce that Sidney Hot Yoga will close permanently on Jan 31, 2021.  
“You can’t test your courage timidly. You have to run through the fire, arms waving, legs pumping and heart beating with the effort of reclaiming something vital, lost, laid aside or just plain forgotten. When you do that you discover that we shine most brightly in community, the whole bedraggled, worn, frayed and tattered lot of us, bound together forever by a shared courage, a family forged in the heat of earnest struggle” Richard Wagamese (Embers)
To My SHY Family-
It is with a full and heavy heart I announce that Sidney Hot Yoga will close permanently on Jan 31, 2021.   We have shared courage and we have engaged in the earnest struggle to maintain our studio and community during and through Covid -19. We have succeeded to an admirable degree on both fronts. The unfortunate reality is that a group movement- based business which relies on getting lots of people in the door and practicing together is not sustainable during a pandemic with current and constantly changing public health restrictions in place.
As many of you know I bought the studio as a labor of love. I wanted to keep the studio in our community. I wanted to support its’ transition from offering limited class styles to a trauma informed studio offering a range of accessible, challenging and fun yoga classes for everybody. I committed to growing the studio and our client base and with the help of our team of teachers, ambassadors and student volunteers we were crushing these goals pre-Covid).
 I poured my heart and soul into SHY during a difficult transition, an amazing growth curve and a historic pandemic. I am grateful for the wonderful team of teachers and ambassadors who have supported and assisted me every step of the way. We have reached a point where continuing is no longer an option. I personally have been running on pure Sthira (effort, will power, strength, steadiness) for the past 10 months (truth-much longer.) I need to slow down and create space to welcome more  sukha (ease, sweetness, joy)back into my life, for my physical and mental health.  Our community did a stellar job staying connected during a 4- month closure. We excelled at reopening and operating SHY as safely as possible during unprecedented times and still providing an awesome yoga experience. Smaller classes facilitated a more intimate experience and opportunities for more personal attention from teacher to student. Your support and patience as we figured all of this out meant the world to us.
We can all be proud of how we navigated the November closing and going virtual and reopening with both in person and virtual classes. Again, your patience and grace, has been so appreciated. We have demonstrated as a community that we are adaptable and flexible, proof that the yoga pays off!
I have reached out to a studio owner who is generously willing to honor all SHY passes and I will provide more details on that later. For now, let’s focus on celebrating our community and supporting each other through yet another transition. Let’s commit to enjoying the time of in person practice that lies before us, short though it may seem.  As always, our shared practice - in person or virtually - will support us in processing all the feels that come up as we face the loss of a resource in our community that has meant so much to so many for so long.
We have been true to our core values of supporting one another and others in our community. Together we raised over $4500 for local charities, most recently donating $300 to BC Children’s Hospital. We were voted the Reader’s Choice- Favorite Yoga Studio and took 3rd place in the Reader’s Choice -Best Places to Work Out-in the middle of a pandemic.
 It has been my privilege to practice, teach, and build community with you all at SHY for the past 2 and a half years. We created something incredibly special together. We have gotten to know each other and supported one another in many ways through many difficult situations. We have had tough conversations, lots of laughs and even some tears.  We have participated in numerous yoga challenges together. Moving toward closing the studio is perhaps our biggest challenge yet. Let us meet the challenge with the warmth, mutual support and grace that are characteristics of our SHY community.
When the studio closes yoga is not over and community is not over. Remember we are a family forged in the heat of an earnest struggle. Let’s look forward with curiosity to what might arise to fill the space left by that which we have lost.
Deep Bows and great love and light to you all,