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First Responders & Veterans Week

4 Week Intuitive Eating Workshop with Janine! Starts Nov 17!

Does this sound familiar?
- You've been impacted by unrealistic beauty standards, and it's affecting your life.
- You've developed a poor relationship with movement and food because diet messages have told you how to eat and exercise.
- Fear and negative self-talk override your authentic, compassionate voice, which leads to making decisions based on limiting beliefs.
- You've been coping with the unknown stressors in life with food.

Join Janine, licensed Be Body Positive Facilitator and Intuitive Eating Coach, as she teaches you how to challenge your inner critic and develop self-compassion. By participating in the 4-week introductory series, you'll begin to create a more positive relationship with food, body, and mind. If you want to dive deeper into the topics, another 4-week series - Becoming Embodied - will be offered.

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