This challenge was something special. Thank you to all who joined us through the month of February!
We appreciate you!


Have you heard of the Breakfast Club?
Show up at 6AM to practice and have a chance at winning a gift card for one of our favourite local breakfast spots!

March Karma

March Events

Student of the Month!

Tell us about your yoga journey...
I was very unsure about me and yoga. What I did know is that years of upper body and shoulder issues has left me with loss of strength and decreased range of motion. I was starting to have troubles sleeping at night and increased discomfort. After talking to friends I learned that the heat and movement of hot yoga could help with inflammation in my joints and possibly unlock some of the tightness in my upper body.
What keeps you coming back?
The instructors are so supportive and encouraging. The moment that the heat wraps around you when you enter the quiet room causing the busy outside world to just vanish with a couple of breathes.
The feeling of strength as every muscle in my body is engaging to find my edge. The controlling and using of my breathe to move me through my practice. The end when I have left the tension of my tight muscles in a puddle of sweat on my mat!! Last the conversations and smiles exchanged with others, and a feeling of community.
Any words of advice?
Don’t wait! For anyone that is thinking about trying SHY….I wish I had tried it years ago. I have been back to my chiropractor and RMT twice since I started and they both can’t believe the difference hot yoga has made in my alignment and range of motion. I use to think that I would not be able to get a hard enough workout from yoga. Not only has hot yoga already made me feel both physically and mentally stronger but each class fills my cup and feeds my soul. A fabulous combo!

Ambassador of the Month!

My name is Joanna and I have been practicing yoga at SHY for the last 5 or so years. Basically, in my spare time, when I’m not at the farm, you can find me practicing yoga.

I joined the ambassador program last year to connect further with the SHY community, to further establish a sense of inner peace and belonging, and to carve out a place where I can contribute to and be a member of a team. In my time as an ambassador,
I have enjoyed getting to know other "ambies" equally focused on improving the overall SHY studio environment. If becoming a SHY ambassador sounds like something that you’d like to do, I would say to just go for it - the time commitment is really worth it!